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DMT Helps Manage Multiple Monitors

The acronym DMT stands for Dual Monitor Tools. But this freeware Windows package handily manages PCs with two or more monitors installed. It’s the brainchild of developer Gerald Evans, and available for free from Sourceforge. Once its 644 KB download is installed, DMT helps manage multiple monitors for modern Windows versions (7 and up). DMT manifests as an icon in the notification area, from which its various features and functions may be invoked.

Exactly How DMT Helps Manage Multiple Monitors

True to its name, the program icon for DMT is … you guessed it … two monitors, overlapping on another. When you open the general controls for DMT, you will immediately see its various features and functions on display. These include general settings and monitor controls under the “Dual Monitor Tools” heading, plus a handful of more specialized tools, including:

  • Cursor: a variety of controls on cursor movement, including degrees of freedom for movement between screens, cursor locks, jump to next screen, and so forth. By default all options are disabled, so the cursor moves freely among or across all screens.
  • Launcher: the hidden gem of DMT, this tool lets users establish the position on a specific screen where applications appear when launched. It’s sophisticated enough to permits users to establish up to four screen/position combinations for any given app.

DMT uses Magic Words to identify specific actions, including app launch or control settings, and hotkeys to apply them.

  • Snap A tool to make snapshots of primary screens and active windows. Snap also manages where and how snapshots appear.
  • Swap Screen: Allows DMT to manage and position active windows. Also labels and identifies user-defined areas on screen, and control other open windows as well (minimize all, rotate screen order, show desktop, etc.).
  • Wallpaper Changer: Provides multi-monitor sensitive wallpaper controls, including image sources, selection and management, image fit controls, background colors, and more.

The Big Benefit When DMT Helps Manage Multiple Monitors

Although Windows has been able to accommodate dual (or multiple) monitors back to XP, its abilities to manage them precisely have always been iffy. DMT’s biggest boon comes from its Launcher utility, which lets users decide upon which monitor (and where) an application appears when launched. Windows always uses on of two methods itself. First, it launches applications on the primary monitor when launched for the first time. Second, it remembers where applications were positioned the last time they were launched (if run before) and launches them there. That’s it. DMT Launcher lets users create hotkeys and “Magic Words” instead. Users identify apps using magic words, then provide hotkeys to indicate a screen choice/screen position combination where the app should open itself. Good stuff!