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Delays for Vista SP2 Loom Large

TechARP, our regular source for Microsoft release rumors, has updated its estimated dates for Windows Vista SP2 release dates. As of last week, dates have slipped by at least one month. That means that the SP2 release candidate (RC) won’t be built until March, 2009, and also means that the RTM build originally scheduled for April won’t occur until May or possibly even June. Thus, launch must also be delayed until May or June as well “barring any further delays” as TechARP so sagely observes in this connection.

It’s also interesting to read current reports that Vista had a hand in recently lowered financial results/expectations for Microsoft, and thus also how Vista played a role in Microsoft’s recently announced layoffs for 5,000 of its employees. It should be interesting to see if the layoffs turn around and lead to further stretching on this already-stretched out schedule.

Hopefully, Microsoft won’t let these delays stretch out too far. Enterprise buyers already waiting for Windows 7 and planning to jump straight from XP to the newest desktop will surely take heart from any further schedule lapses, making Vista’s problematic status only more so.

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