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Dell Kace Study Suggests Enterprise Win7 Climate Is Improving

I saw a fascinating study reported recently in Channel Insider. It’s called “More Users Plan Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Before SP1 Release,” and it’s dated 3/19/2010. The source is Dell Kace (Kace is a recent Dell acquisition and offers interesting appliance-based packages for Windows update, migration, maintenance, and management that I personally would love a chance to play with), and the results show a huge change in attitudes and plans vis-a-vis a similar study conducted almost a year ago (April 2009, before Windows 7 was in wide circulation).

Here are some salient factoids from this study, as reported in the Channel Insider article:

  1. 87 percent of IT professionals surveyed plan to deploy Windows 7
  2. Nearly half (46%) of polled respondents (population size: 900) plan a move to Windows 7 before SP1 becomes available. Channel Insider says that’s going to happen this summer, but I’ve seen discussions that put it in the July-October time frame, and there’s been no official MS date released just yet.
  3. Those considering a move to some OS other than Windows is down from 50 percent last April, to 32 percent in February 2010.
  4. 86 percent report concerns about software compatibility with Windows 7 when migrating to the new OS.
  5. Those expressing concerns about Windows 7 performance is also down, from 47 percent last April, to 25 percent in February 2010.

The Dell Kace folks who conducted these studies are convinced this means that Microsoft is starting to repair the damage to its reputation, and the drop in confidence in Windows, that resulted from the debacle known as Windows Vista. It’s also viewed as good news for the reseller channel, because of the improving climate and increasing number of businesses planning and budgeting for Windows 7 migrations. Yippee!

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