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Disk Cleanup Beats CCleaner Post-Win10-Upgrade

In days gone by, I’ve recommended using Piriforum CCleaner for post-upgrade cleanups on Windows 10. But no longer does the third-party tool beat the built-in Disk Cleanup utility. In fact, the latter is now as fast (or faster) than the former, and it gets rid of more stuff, too. That’s why I must now report that built-in Disk Cleanup beats CCleaner post-Win10-upgrade. Here’s a screen shot to prove my contention:

CCleaner sees just under 21 GB to clean up, but Disk Cleanup sees 24.4 GB!
[Click image to see full-sized view.]

How Disk Cleanup Beats CCleaner Post-Win10-Upgrade

The secret to the deeper clean that the built-in utility provides lies in the checkbox details from the Disk Cleanup utility. To the left, we see that CCleaner sizes the Old Windows Installation to 21,957,944 KB (20.94 GB). To the right, the Disk Cleanup utility sizes that installation at 24.4 GB. The difference lies in the files that each utility can access and remove. To make a long and complex story short, the built-in utility can find and delete more entries in the WinSxS folder. Thus, it can remove more of the holdovers from the previous installation. This results in a more svelte and compact disk layout once post-upgrade clean-up is complete. Especially for those who run Windows 10 on low-cost tablets and laptops with limited storage, the 15% added space savings can be significant.

That’s why I’m compelled to recant my earlier advice and advise readers to use Disk Cleanup rather than CCleaner for post-upgrade cleanup on Windows 10 PCs. I last made the contrary recommendation in December 2015 in a blog post entitled “CCleaner Gets Faster, Cleaner v5 Incarnation.” For the current Insider Preview version of Windows 10, CCleaner now falls behind Disk Cleanup on all counts. Does that mean it’s time to retire this tool? Not at all! It just means that for those who choose to clean up old Windows installs before the OS does it automatically, Disk Cleanup is once again the best tool for the job.