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Don't Forget About RecImgMgr

Slimware Utilities is the company behind RecImg Manager, a program that can capture and restore modern-format Windows images. This is the same kind of image that Windows 8 or 10 uses, when you elect to “refresh” a PC using the Recovery tools from the Update & Recovery option within Settings.

By default, refresh rolls you back to initial set-up; use RecImg Manager to capture a current image to use instead.

RecImg Manager will capture a snapshot of your current Windows installation, including all current software and drivers installed. In the event that you need to refresh a system, that’s most likely what you’ll want to refresh it to, rather than to its plain vanilla state immediately following its initial delivery for deployment or to a users. Normally, that’s followed by installation of various applications, tools, utilities, and current drivers — all of which might become lost if the image you use to refresh that PC doesn’t include such stuff. That’s why I’m in the habit of capturing such an image weekly, and after each time I apply Windows updates, new drivers, or other software I might wish to use again. If you keep up this regimen, you can point the “Refresh your PC” option to the most current of the RecImg Manager images available, and get all this stuff back once the refresh is completed.

Using RecImg Manager doesn’t get you off the hook for other regular backups, however: I have encountered a few situations in which the current Windows installation becomes sufficiently damaged that it won’t successfully refresh (or it might be unable to find your refresh images, which are stored in a folder named RecImg Snapshots on a drive of your choosing, and includes the all-important CustomRefresh.wim file that acts as the source for the OS refresh activity). That’s why I also capture a “System Image Backup” (now available inside the File History control panel widget) for each of my systems at least once a week also, if not more frequently. You should probably consider similar strategies as well.