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Download Windows 7 from MSDN on August 6

According to long-time Windows maven Mary-Jo Foley, Windows 7 RTM will be downloadable from MSDN on August 6. For all the various access points and related dates, see her “Who will get the Windows bits and when?” blog for 7/21/2009, or go straight to the source and see Brandon LeBlanc’s Windows 7 Team Blog “When will you get Windows 7 RTM?” instead. RTM has actually occurred now: as of 4:40 pm EDT today, Windows 7 was released to manufacturing. OEMs should get it in the next day or two, and both TechNet and MSDN subscribers can begin Windows 7 downloads on Thursday, August 6.

I for one am entirely jazzed about this immanent prospect. My primary production machine is currently running Vista SP2 and it’s giving me fits: Event Viewer isn’t working, Vista says I’m not connected to a network even though I’m on the Internet at this very second, can see all of my LAN resources, and make TCP/IP stand up and bark just like usual. The litany goes on, but if you really want to read about all of my recent troubles check out my ViztaView blog “Current List of Unsolved Vista Mysteries.”

Suffice it to say that I’m on the brink of having to blow away my system drive and rebuild Windows anyway, just in the names of sanity and stability. For some perverse and perhaps ineluctable reason, I want the new OS on my production machine to be Windows 7. Looks like Microsoft has ensured that I will get my wish in just a little over two weeks. I’m not exactly holding my breath in the meantime–and I do make nightly backups–but I’m hoping like heck my desktop doesn’t blow up between now and then. This does help keep things interesting, and definitely makes me pay attention to what I’m doing, and how I’m using my machine.

Have a good reason to be wishing and hoping for Windows 7 yourself? Post a comment here and let me know about it, too.

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