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EMET 5.0 Is Here: Grab It Today!

EMET is Microsoft’s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, a free security software add-in designed to detect and counter zero-day attacks on Windows systems. More specifically, the software can detect and foil “exploitation techniques that are commonly used to exploit memory corruption vulnerabilities…by diverting, terminating, blocking and invalidating … the most common activities and techniques adversaries might use in compromising a computer” (to quote somewhat out of order from the EMET page in Microsoft’s Security TechCenter). I’ve been covering (and using) EMET myself since the version 3.x days, and was running version 4.1 until 5.0 came along on July 31, 2014 (here’s a link to a description of EMET I wrote back in September 2012).


The banner from the EMET page enjoins readers to “deploy today” — good advice!

You can download EMET 5.0 from the MS Download Center, where you’ll also find more information about the software, run-time requirements, installation instructions, and more. Be sure to check it out, and at least give it a try on some test machines or in a hurry-up pilot. I think most admins will find it a valuable (and not terribly resource intensive) addition to their existing software security solutions.

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