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Enterprise Windows 7 Adoptions

Some time in the next week, you’ll see a new story from me showing up on It’s currently got a working title of “Why Windows 7 Adoptions Are So Much Faster and Stronger than Vista’s” and digs into the many reasons why more and more businesses are making or enacting plans to adopt Windows 7 on their users’ desktops.

Here, I just want to give a capsule summary of that story (I’ll provide a link to same as soon as it’s posted) so you can get a sense of what’s driving business adoptions of Microsoft’s latest flagship desktop OS:

1. Timing and Choices: XP is old, Vista’s no good, and it’s time to move to something new. Windows 7 is it!

2. The Refresh Cycle Made Me Do It: Given recent economic difficulties companies have put off desktop refreshes as long as possible. Given improving conditions and aging equipment, many new PCs will be deployed with Windows 7  installed when the next refresh hits.

3. The time is NOW (or soon): A smattering of businesses are already done with their Windows 7 migrations (6%) or will be finished soon (8%). 23% plan to upgrade in 6-12 months, and another 44% plan to upgrade in the next 12-36 months.

4. We don’t need no stinkin’ SP1: A surprising number of companies aren’t letting SP1 influence their upgrade and migration plans, despite conventional corporate wisdom that it’s smart to wait for SP1 before moving to a new Windows OS.

5. Back to Basics: Lots of companies are being swayed by reports of Windows 7’s faster boot-up and shut-down speeds, more modest resource requirements, faster performance, better stability, and improved device support to make a move sooner rather than later.

You’ll find all the details in the story itself, and pointers to related surveys and reports on this situation. But it’s nice to see that the Vista debacle is finally showing up in the rear-view mirror, rather than as an everyday pothole IT departments must find a way to navigate around.

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