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Exam 70-622 Pro: Supporting and Troubleshooting Applications on a Windows Vista Client

Wow! What an exam title, eh? Interestingly, 70-622 also still sports an old-fashioned exam page, too. Along with 70-622, this MCITP exam qualifies those who pass it to earn the MCITP Enterprise Support Technicican credential, however. Together those two exams sum up the requirements for that particular certification.

Microsoft lists the following items under its “Preparation tools and resources” heading:

Here are some highlights of what this exam covers (for all the details see the “Skills Measured” table on the exam page; configuration and troubleshooting topics are covered throughout):

      • Deploying Windows Vista:
        Analyze environment and select appropriate deployment method; prepare system for installation (clean or upgrade install); and deploy Vista from a custom image.
      • Managing Vista Security:
        Manage IE 7 security; apply security updates; work with UAC; manage resource access and security issues.
      • Managing and maintaining Vista Systems:
        Working with policy settings, Task Scheduler, Event Forwarding, Windows Update, and performance and reliability issues.
      • Networking:
        Network protocols, networks services at the client level, remote access, wireless networking, network security, and network resource access.
      • Supporting and maintaining desktop applications:
        support deployed applications, software restrictions, and maintain desktop applications.

So far, just over 7,000 of these certifications have been granted, which makes it neither the most nor the least popular of the MCITP designations. That may reflect its deep and broad coverage of Vista application deployment tools and technologies. Veteran Microsoft cert guy Andy Barkl took the beta version of this exam in September 2007, and wrote up a nice overview for MCP Magazine at that time. He also provides good pointers to other Microsoft materials available online through TechNet that proved useful for his exam preparations; you’ll probably find it useful, too.

This is one of the most important exams for those who work with Vista in an enterprise setting. Though you’ll want to take enough time to prepare for it properly (and neither the foregoing summary of exam objectives nor the information on the MS exam page really do its coverage complete justice, owing to the wealth of details and information these items cover), you will also learn a lot as you get ready to take this exam. Highly recommended.

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