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Extending Compact Tablet Mobile Reach

In poring over Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows this morning, I found a tantalizing recommendation amidst his tweets to a HooToo device called the HT-UE01 3-port USB 3.0 Hub with GbE Converter. This is a case where a picture tells the story (or at least, explains the motivation for owning such a device) rather nicely, so here ’tis, straight from the Amazon product page:


Most compact Win8 tablets offer at most 2 (usually 1) USB 3.0 port and no wired Ethernet; this device adds the latter and provides 3 more of the former.

At about $29, the device isn’t exactly dirt-cheap. But it won’t break the bank, either, and offers a compact and portable way to add more ports to the current crop of thin-and-light tablets that are increasingly available, such as the Surface family from MS, the Dell Venue 8 and 11 Pro models, the upcoming ThinkPad 10, and the Fujitsu Q704 series. I’ve found that I like to use a mouse, a Bluetooth keyboard, and one or more fast UFDs when I’m on the road (not much access to wired GbE on the plane just yet), so the added USB ports are quite welcome. This device looks like a worthwhile addition to one’s traveling tablet kit when away from the office. Check it out!

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