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Fall Creators Update Finds Surface Pen

Here’s a nifty new feature for the latest version of Windows 10. The Fall Creators Update, aka Version 1709, now includes a “Where’s my pen?” entry in Settings → Update & Security → Find my device. If you turn this feature on, Windows will use Bluetooth to position your pen on Bing Maps and show you where it last reported in. Hopefully, this will help you run the device down. Ironically, I used my own pen to click the various interface settings to set this up! Even so, the Fall Creators Update finds Surface Pen feature is truly nice-to-have.

Fall Creators Update Finds Surface Pen

Now that my Surface Pro 3 is upgraded, it too can find my pen.

Exactly How Fall Creators Update Finds Surface Pen

The secret to making this work is to toggle the Find my device setting (which is set to ON by default). This provides an option labeled “Save my device’s location periodically” which should also be turned on. Then, you can use it to record your pen’s location via Bluetooth from time to time (because Windows 10 does not natively support GPS). Once this is working, you need only click the link at bottom that says “Go here to track it. ” Presto! Bing maps pops up with your pen’s most recent location highlighted.

Fall Creators Update Finds Surface Pen

Surprise! My pen is at home, where my Surface Pro lives, too.

This is a handy feature, and will probably help the absent-minded. Such folks, including me, are quite likely to need an answer to the question “Where’s my pen?” at least occasionally.

[Note: here’s a shout-out to Mauro Huculak at Windows Central, whose 11/7/17 article “How to find your Surface Pen in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update” brought this new feature to my attention. Thanks!]

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