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First Windows 7 Snag Rears Its Head, But Not Too Ugly

Having upgraded my primary production machine to Windows 7 over the weekend (see my recent ViztaView blog for those details) I’m now really settling in with the new OS and learning to live with it on a daily basis. Though I do have 6 months of uniformly positive experience with various Windows 7 beta releases from Build 7000 to 7100 (the release candidate, or RC), only now am I truly living and breathing this OS on the machines that matter most to my day-to-day working success: my primary desktop and notebook machines (one for work in the office, the other for work on the road) and my Big Kahuna test machine (where I now use VMs to play host to any and all of the myriads of software that I regularly investigate, test, and review).

Over the past few days, my primary production desktop has manifested a black screen for about a second on my primary monitor (a Dell 2707 WFP running at 1920 x 1200 resolution) perhaps three or four times a day. Yesterday, finally, this persisted long enough to generate a Windows error message through the Windows 7 Action Center:

At some point, my brief graphics outages triggered a Windows 7 error message.

At some point, my brief graphics outages triggered a Windows 7 error message.

With this information in hand I moseyed on over to the Nvidia Drivers and Downloads pages and discovered that indeed a new driver version was available for my GeForce GTX 275 graphics card. I’ve downloaded and installed it, and can report that it specifically mentions Windows 7 among its list of supported OSes (which is more than the previous did) and that I’ve had no further problems of this kind since that installation. But of course, the day is still young…and here is the complete list of issues that Windows 7 has detected on my machine so far today:

Outlook goes south, and a .sys file has ACL issues.

Also on my hit parade: Outlook goes south, and a .sys file has ACL issues.

Now, the real sleuthing work begins and I really start to get to know Windows 7. Most of my learning is problem driven at first, and it looks like I will have plenty of food for learning and thought as I begin to dig into the day-to-day rhythm of working with this new OS.

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