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First a hiatus, then a cutback

Hello there! This is not a normal blog for me, nor will I count it as such. It’s a news update from yours truly to let you know that I’m flying off to Belgium on Satuday, January 23, and that I won’t be back until February 6, just in time for my son Gregory’s sixth birthday. I’m also out of town for the week of February 8 through12, testifying as an expert witness in a courtroom in Tyler, Texas. In the meantime, I’ll be taking time off from this blog. You may see an occasional post or two from me during this interval, but that will happen only if I find some time on my hands, or an unusually important topic about which to blog. So much for the hiatus part, which will last three weeks, starting today and lasting until February 15.

Upon my return to a more normal working schedule on February 15, I’ll be posting at half of my usual frequency (once or twice a week, instead of three times a week) until the end of May. I’m both saddened and delighted to report that this is because I’ve gotten so busy with work that I’m having to cut back a bit on my blogging activities.

Do please stay tuned, and keep your comments and questions coming. Nothing makes me happier than to be able to respond to a reader request or suggestion when it comes to choosing topics for future blogs.

Best wishes,


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