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Fix CCleaner Install Hang

In rebuilding my Windows 10 Insider test desktop, I’ve been re-installing my usual toolbox of Windows apps and applications. Chief among the latter is Piriform’s CCleaner, a long-time go-to for cleaning up file clutter on Windows PCs. This time around while installing CCleaner, I ran into something I’ve never encountered before. As I fired off the installer, it got to about 10% complete and then hung. I let it sit for 10 minutes and when the progress bar hadn’t moved I realized something was wrong. I searched Google for “CCleaner install hangs Windows 10” and found lots of helpful information online. For me, the best way to fix CCleaner Install hang appeared in a Piriform Forums post entitled “[Solution] When CCleaner won’t install or download (Windows).”

How Best to Fix CCleaner Install Hang

The forum post explains a great many techniques for resolving download or install problems. For me, the tip that did the trick read “Make sure CCleaner isn’t already running. To find out if it is, open Task Manager to see if it’s in the list of running processes.” I checked, and sure enough, I saw not one, but two instances of CCleaner.exe on the alphabetical list (by process name) on the Details pane therein.

Normally, one sees only a single CCleaner.exe or CCleaner64.exe running in Task Manager. On my test machine, I saw 2!

I right-clicked each of those two items, and selected “End Task” from the resulting pop-up menu. Then, when I relaunched the installer, it immediately completed the job. The whole thing was done in under 30 seconds as has been typical on that and other machines for years. I can only speculate I double-double-clicked when launching the installer, and thus and had two instances of the installer running at the same time. The program wisely chose to forgo honoring my erroneous request for two installs, but I didn’t understand that’s what I was seeing until I looked into Task Manager to see what was going on.

Overall, the afore-linked Forum article is a good one. Might be a good idea to bookmark it in case you, too, ever fall prey to some CCleaner install or download difficulties. It worked nicely for me, so it could also do likewise for you.