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Foley & Thurrot Scoop Windows 8 Pro $15 Upgrade for New PC Buyers

Wouldn’t you know it? Not until after I posted my own blog yesterday, did Paul Thurrott report in his SuperSite Blog that “Windows 8 Pro PC Upgrade Cost is just $15.” Looks like MS really, really, really wants to encourage new Windows 7 PC buyers to jump onto Windows 8, with a $14.99 promotion that begins on June 2, 2012 (original report appeared in a C|Net article by Mary Jo Foley entitled “Microsoft’s Windows 8 upgrade offer: What’s coming when?“)

Enough attribution, already! Here’s the deal: Microsoft will make this “Windows 8 Offer” available to consumers who buy a Windows 7 PC running Home Basic or higher editions, so they can download a copy once Windows 8 becomes generally available (around the end of October, according to most prognosticators). The Windows 8 Pro package aims squarely at business/technical users and enthusiasts, and includes built-in encryption, Hyper-V virtualization, PC management and domain connectivity, and will accommodate a separately priced Media Pack for Windows Media Center (which many guess will probably cost about the same as this offer).

Foley reports further that the deal will start up on June 2, 2012, about the same time that Microsoft plans to drop its Release Preview (aka Release Candidate). The deal stays good through the end of January 2013. MS won’t comment on any of this info, but Thurrott and Foley seem convinced it’s got legs. Keep your eyes out for more info in under three week when June 2 rolls around.

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