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For Best Win8 Tablet Results, Think 1366x768 Resolution

Man! I almost had a heart attack this morning when I read The Guardian‘s latest Technology Blog “Want the Windows 8 Preview? First, catch your 1366×768 resolution tablet.” “Uh-oh!,” I thought to myself, “What’s the resolution for the Lenovo X220 Tablet PC I just ordered?” I had to do a little digging, but here’s the Lenovo specification blurb for the display itself on that unit:

Phew -- it meets the minimum resolution requirements!
Phew — it meets the minimum resolution requirements!

I’d hate to think that I just laid out about $1,400 for my test Win8 tablet, after considerable time, effort, and $$$ went into its selection, only to have to send it back because I overlooked minimum resolution requirements. As it happens, even though many of the Windows tablets currently on the market only support 1280 x 1024 resolution (XGA) I was lucky enough to get one of the few (along with Acer, Samsung, and Dell) that supports this medium-rez HDTV (16:9) ratio display resolution.

Turns out that MS has designed its displays to support the “screen snap” functions (whereby windows are moved and positioned to occupy predefined screen areas and locations) for optimal display of two apps on-screen at the same time (along with the obligatory right-hand Charms bar that shows what else is up and running or available in your Win8 environment). Another interesting point from this Guardian blog is that running Windows 8 inside a VM (presumably without a touch screen) or on a conventional laptop or desktop PC (ditto) doesn’t really show the new OS to its best advantage. And, of course, that explains why I spent so much time, effort, and money making sure to secure a tablet, a notebook, and a desktop PC environment, all with higher-end touchscreen capabilities.

According to Lenovo’s order tracking page, my X220 tablet has not yet shipped, though. And now the estimated ship date has slipped from 3/4/2012 to 3/6/2012. All I can hope is that it doesn’t keep slipping too much further!

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