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Forrester Offers Win10 Upgrade Ammo

MS has just released a Forrester Consulting report on the Total Economic Impact of Windows 10. Jason Leznek describes it in detail in a Customer Stories blog post. The results offer compelling Win10 upgrade ammo:

Forrester finds that Windows 10 is quicker to deploy,consumes fewer IT resources, offers a 13 month payback, and is more secure.

Forrester interviewed four early-adopter enterprise organizations in depth to gather its data. Interviewees included a government health department, a global IT services firm, a professional auto racing team, and a multinational food and beverage conglomerate.

Gimme Some Win10 Upgrade Ammo, Already!

Here are some highlights from that study:

  • It takes less IT admin time and effort to install, manage and support Win10. Win10 offers more user-friendly features and self-serve functions. One organization observed that deploying Windows 10 was up to 50% quicker than their previous OS upgrade. IT staff also spent 15% less management time on Windows 10.
  • Advanced security features could produce significant savings on security remediation. Credential Guard and Device Guard, plus enhancements to BitLocker, boost Win10’s security profile. Using them means organizations can sidestep or reduce security events requiring remediation. According to Forrester, enabling security features in Windows 10 could save businesses as much as $700K per year.
  • Improved productivity. Windows 10 delivers faster boot and shutdown times, easy access to corporate apps, improved security, and enhanced mobility tools. Combined, IT and users can complete work faster and more efficiently. Employees estimate they have 25% more time to get work done than with previous Windows OSes.

For the full contents of the Forrester report, download their TEI Study (PDF format). You can also grab a full-size version of the preceding infographic (PDF format) .

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