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Free WEI Utility for Win8.1 Now Available

When I found out from Woody Leonhard in early November that the Windows Experience Index (WEI) widget was missing from Windows 8.1 (reported in this 11/13/13 post), I immediately set about writing a PowerShell script to recapture that functionality and produce a Web page to provide that information. I made the script available in another post two days later (Bringing Back WEI to Win8.1) and recruited a professional developer friend to help me turn it into an executable that would run the winsat formal command with admin privileges, and then present a nicely-formatted version of its output. But the two of us have been busy enough that we hadn’t complete our efforts, when I saw a Lifehacker story online this morning that let me know we’d been beaten to the finish line: “WEI Tool Brings the Windows Experience Index Back to Windows 8.1.” Here’s what the output of the Winaero WEI tool v1.0 looks like:

The color scheme is a little drab and it shows a European attitude toward decimal points, but it's quite faithful to the original.

The color scheme is a little drab and it shows a European attitude toward decimal points, but it’s quite faithful to the original.

While I can say I’m sorry we didn’t finish our little exercise in sharing free code with the masses quickly enough to be first out, I am glad to see a version of this tool available to Windows 8.1 users everywhere. This one is the work of talented programmer Sergey Tkachenko, whose site offers a plethora of excellent freeware Windows utilities. Be sure to grab this utility, and to check out the many other interesting tools and widgets available on his site.

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