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Gadgets Come Back to Win10 Build 10576

Goody, Goody: one of the things I liked least about Build 10565 in the Windows 10 lead-up to the Threshold 2 Build scheduled for later this month (November 2015) has apparently been fixed in Build 10576. Whereas Gadgets had more or less quit working in that preceding build (10565), they are once again working properly in the latest build (10576). Here’s a screen shot to show them in action alongside Windows version info:

Though MS officially “discontinued” Gadgets during the Windows 7 era, 8GadgetPack keeps them running on 7, 8, and 10 versions.

MS claims that apps are worthy replacements for gadgets, and that they can “do many of the same things and much more,” where “some apps are better versions of the gadgets you love, and many of them are free” (quotes come from the “discontinued” page linked in the screenshot caption above). Alas, I must demur, because my primary use of gadgets is for real-time system monitoring, particularly using the excellent Network Meter and All CPU Meter gadgets from I’ve yet to find an app that can match their compact capability to report on what my PC is doing with its compute capabilities (CPU Usage) or networking connections (Network Meter). In fact, I’ve grown dependent enough on these gadgets that I now feel just a little bit hamstrung when I have to run a Windows system without having them at my disposal.

So of course I’m delighted to discover the return of gadget capability via 8GadgetPack in Build 10576 of Windows 10. I’m hopeful this means gadgets will continue to carry on in future releases of Windows 10 going forward, including the upcoming Threshold 2 release scheduled for later this month. In fact, the rumor mill appears to be reaching consensus that this will occur on November 10 or thereabouts, that being “Update Tuesday” for this month, when MS normally used to release its updates and patches on the old once-or-twice-a-month only schedule — though this may or may not be true, it at least sounds plausible on that basis. We’ll find out soon enough, I reckon!