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Get Top Win10 Deployment Issues Info

Last week, Microsoft Support released an article to TechNet that details “Top Support Solutions for Windows 10.” While many of them apply to power users and IT professionals alike, there are several categories of information aimed directly at IT professionals facing or contemplating larger-scale Windows 10 roll-outs. These should be of great potential help to those looking to avoid the top Win10 deployment issues that MS Support has already encountered.

top win10 deployment issues

The banner from this 5/3/16 TechNet article says it all.

Here’s a snapshot of the relevant content with links to details about top Win10 deployment issues, straight from that source (numbered items are renumbered in sequence for readability):

  1. Solutions related to inability to activate Windows:
  1. Solutions related to installing Windows updates or hotfixes:
  1. Solutions related to common setup, installation, and deployment issues:
  1. Solutions related to Windows Volume Activation:

List Items from Top Win10 Deployment Issues of Interest to IT Pros

In particular, the entries under items 3 and 4 are likely to be of great interest to those IT Pros inclined to work with the Microsoft Assessment and Deployment Toolkit (ADK) and/or who face potential issues related to volume licensing and activations via a Key Management Server (KMS) for Windows 10 Enterprise. These items also point to important documentation related to the ADK, and should help IT Pros get a running start into planning for, piloting, and eventually rolling Windows 10 out into production. Please take advantage of this opportunity to gain insight from the folks at Microsoft support about the top Win10 deployment issues they’ve already been asked to help out on by early adopters.