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Getting to Win10 Build 10041, Slowly but Surely

Last week, build 10041 for Windows 10 hit the fast ring for early adopters. Yesterday, it hit the slow ring for all adopters. I was able to upgrade my Windows 10 desktop without any issues during the fast ring phase, but I’ve been struggling to update my Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130 throughout this time period. The Windows Update driven version of the upgrade hangs part-way into the installation process and produces a vague and so far uninformative error message of “Update Install Failure, Error Code 0x800F0100”), both from the standpoint of telling me what’s gone awry, and from the standpoint of providing a fruitful point of departure for search engine research. I’m getting ready to reach out to contacts at Dell, in hopes that they might know more about this than I do.

When Windows Update doesn’t do the job, try the ISOs instead.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1. The Windows 10 Build 10041 ISO’s are now available for download through Windows Insider. It was a total hoot grabbing 3.4GB in under 2 minutes, thanks to my newly-inaugurated high-speed connection, which averaged around 320 Mbps throughout the entire process.
2. I can’t find a working Synaptics touchpad driver for build 10041 through other channels (such as a Windows KB article) to try a manual update, and the Windows Update method keeps hanging the machine.
3. After several attempts with Rufus to build a working Windows install UFD, I finally put one together that allowed me to instigate an upgrade install for Build 10041 while running 9968 (I’ve added enough stuff to that machine that I didn’t want to have to reinstall everything).
4. What you can’t accomplish with an upgrade from Windows Update, you can overcome with an upgrade or clean install using the ISO files instead.

I’ve now successfully upgraded to build 10041, and update no longer calls for a Synaptics Touchpad driver update, so I assume I’ve gotten over this particular hump. It’s interest to troubleshoot when the guideposts along the way are few, far inbetween, and unfamiliar to boot. But so far, so good.