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Grabbing Win10 1703 ISO Files

Now that the Creators Update is officially out and available, many people are looking for sources of download files for the new OS. When it comes to grabbing Win10 1703 ISO files, there are many ways to scratch that itch. I will name several in this blog post, but others will no doubt think of more. If so, please e-mail me or comment on this post, and I’ll add them in! For the moment, however, this is as complete a list as I can come up with. That said, I omit working with the Update Assistant and the Media Creation Tool, because neither actually produces an ISO file per se.

This is the graphic from the MS page entitled “New with the Windows 10 Creators Update.”
[Click to see full-size version.]

Ways of Grabbing Win10 1703 ISO Files Recited

One. Use Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool. I blogged about this in February, and showed how it can be used to obtain just about every known ISO for current Windows versions. It also works for 1703.

Two. Use the browser “trick” described in this TenForums note “How to Download Creators Update ISO via MS w/o Media Creation Tool” (4/13/2017). Basically, it consists of adding a browser extension that spoofs the MS website into seeing you visiting from a non-Windows OS. When that happens, you get access to an ISO download page where you can grab exactly what you need.

Three. Microsoft license/subscription sites where those who own volume licenses or subscriptions can grab OS ISOs and other access-controlled files. These include MSDN, the Volume Licensing Service Center (Enterprise editions), and the Download Academic Products page (for Education editions).

Four. Grab the Windows download files from Windows Update. Then, you can use the UUPtoISO tool from Kari the Finn at to convert those files into an honest-to-gosh ISO file. (Be sure to read and follow the instructions in this Tutorial “Create Bootable ISO from Windows 10 Build Upgrade Files…“. You’ll also find a download link to the tool there as well).

That’s as complete a list as I’ve been able to compile. Do please let me know if you know of others I may have missed or overlooked somehow. Thanks!