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Great Windows Resources: SevenForums and EightForums

Thanks to a request from some colleagues at Dell recently, I’ve dug back into a pair of nonpareil websites to revisit their standout coverage and tutorials for all things Windows related. I’m talking about SevenForums and EightForums, two Websites that are the brainchild of John Fairbrother and ably assisted by Microsoft Windows Desktop MVP Shawn Brink, amidst a cast of hundreds of other savvy and knowledgeable Windows wizards and volunteers. There’s a Windows Vista site, too,  but it doesn’t figure that much into anybody’s plans nowadays, nor register on too many radars, though it is every bit as good as its more modern counterparts.

Windows Seven Forums logoWindows Eight Forums Logo

Logos for the Windows Seven and Eight Forums sites

What will you find on these sites if you decide to visit them? In addition to a plethora of Forum areas that include news, general discussions, and a “Chillout Room,” you’ll also find discussion areas (forums, get it?) devoted to a laundry list of interesting OS and related topics that include the following:

Drivers Backup and Restore Media Center
Hardware & Devices Windows Updates & Activation Music, Pictures & Video
Graphic cards Crashes and Debugging Microsoft Office
Sound & Audio Software System Security
Network & Sharing Browsers & Mail Virtualization
Installation & Setup Customization Overclocking and Case Mods
Performance & Maintenance Gaming Tutorials

Please note that the final entry at the lower-right, Tutorials, is in boldface. That’s my emphasis, and where much of the amazing value of these sites resides. This is also where MVP  Shawn Brink’s amazing command of modern Windows versions is also on full display (you’ll find several hundred, short, instructive and well-illustrated examples of his work spread across the Windows 7 and 8 Forums sites, and they’re uniformly interesting, on-target, and sometimes incredibly useful as well). There’s constant chatter on all of the forums, and lots of good information scrolling through them at a pretty ferocious rate. Lots of good stuff all around here, in fact.

If you don’t know about these sites already, be sure to check them out. If you do know about them already, be sure to share them with your friends, colleagues, and family members. There’s really and truly something for everybody here.

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