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Handy Utility Displays IP Neighborhood

In getting a Windows 10 environment to work properly, one soon discovers that reloading printer drivers on some desktops proves necessary. Recently, I’ve found this to be mandated for the networked printers in my “IP neighborhood,” which uses the first of the Class C private address ranges ( Seeking the IP address of my Samsung ML-2850 printer, I found myself turning to another handy element in Nir Sofer’s excellent NirSoft Utility toolbox — namely, a program called FastResolver. Simply put, it marches through an IP address range and displays host names, along with IP and MAC addresses for all the devices it finds active on a network. Here’s what its output looks like:


FastResolver quickly lists all active IP addresses with associated host names.

Why did I need this information? Because network-attached printers on Windows networks are often best accessed using their IP addresses, so I needed to find the address for my Samsung printer tout de suite. FastResolver obliged accordingly, though I did have to recognize the corresponding Host Name (it’s the one that starts with SEC001…, at It was easy to identify by process of elimination, since all the active Windows hosts show readable host names, and the RT-AC68U is the WAP in my office that provides high-bandwidth wireless network access to the laptops, tablets, and mobile devices I use there so regularly.

I confirmed my supposition by using the .11 address successfully to connect to the printer, and immediately added FastResolver to my list of NirSoft favorites. Perhaps you might consider doing likewise?

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