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Happy First Birthday, Windows 7

Today it’s been exactly one year since Windows 7 was released to the general public — what Microsoft calls “General Availability” or GA. It’s been a busy hectic year for the latest Windows OS, and it looks like Microsoft is finally starting to back itself out of the hole that it dug for itself with Windows Vista and the terrible driver debacle that went along with it. For me, the past couple of years have been an incredibly busy period of learning and writing activity, as I’ve learned to understand and use Windows 7 more efficiently and effectively on my own systems and networks, and in documenting its use in those of others who work on a much grander scale.

For some interesting further ruminations on Windows 7’s birthday, see Preston Gralla’s terrific Seeing Through Windows column at ComputerWorld entitled “On Windows 7’s one-year anniversary, Windows XP still rules” where he points out that despite Windows 7 dramatic gains in market share, XP still enjoys a 4-to-1 advantage in terms of total deployments. He also observes that at Windows 7’s current growth rate, it won’t surpass XP in the field until Q3’2012 &mash; at which point it’s quite likely that Windows 8 will be on the scene. He further observes that Windows XP is a solid, stable OS that “…keeps chugging along” (in terms of the coming Halloween season, I like to think of it as “the OS that wouldn’t die!” ;-).

A more enthusiastic (and less historical) viewpoint is available in Brandon LeBlanc’s entry on the Windows Blog for today entitled “Celebrating Windows 7 at 1 year — More than 240 Million Licenses Sold.” Check this out for all kinds of breathless statistics that should leave you wondering how the world possibly managed to cope without Windows 7 before October 21, 2009. It also offers no fewer than seven lists of favorite Windows 7 highlights (better grab and drink a cup of coffee before you try to plow through this stuff, though some of it is worth looking at and remembering).

At any rate, it is another anniversary for the world to remember, and on the whole rather better than worse as anniversaries go. Happy Birthday Windows 7!

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