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Here's an interesting usage figure for Win10!

Trolling for this morning’s blog fodder, I was both bemused and amazed by the results of a visitor survey on Windows news source Here’s a graphic I captured after responding to their survey question for today on a whim, that returned some surprising results:


Survey sez: your answer not only depends on who you ask, but also on what you ask!

Is there even a remote chance that these results represent anything other than a self-selecting population with a strong interest in the leading and/or bleeding edge of Windows OSes? My answer has to be “Not only no, but heck no!” By way of comparison, here are this morning’s figures for the “Desktop Operating System Market Share” from, which I have to believe captures a population more generally representative of who’s out there using desktop devices on the Internet:


NetMarketShare’s figures are drawn from a much broader and more representative population.

There’s a world of difference between those numbers as even a glance at both sets of numbers will demonstrate. Which one do I believe? Neither, completely, but the second set much more than the first. In fact, I think NeoWin’s results speak to exactly who their readership is, rather than to the more general public. Even so, that’s a pretty amazing proportion of the audience to be on the Current Branch of Windows 10.

Just a little something for your Christmas stocking, perhaps?

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