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Hey! Hey! My Reliability Monitor Is Back

When I installed the Soluto startup and runtime monitoring and reporting tools on my production machine a while back, soon afterward I discovered that the Windows Reliability Monitor had quit working. I was never fully able to resolve why this happened, and went a couple of rounds with Soluto tech support on this topic, before reluctantly realizing that I could either have Reliability Monitor on that machine or Soluto, but not both. After upgrading that machine to Windows 8 and then last week to Windows 8.1, I uninstalled Soluto just to see if I would get Reliability Monitor back. No dice! Or rather, no data: Reliability Monitor would run, but it wouldn’t show me any data.


After deleting the old log files for Reliability Monitor, then waiting a few days, the data display resumed working.

As the preceding screen capture shows, I’ve gotten Reliability Monitor back to monitoring reliability data and while I can’t say I’m happy with what’s on display — which shows some of the niggling stability problems I’ve encountered since upgrading to 8.1 (the bumpy part) preceding by a rock-steady “no trouble” display beforehand running Windows 8 — I am glad to have regained access to this source of system monitoring and information. I found the secret to restoring ReliMon (as I call the facility to myself) in an interchange on entitled “What to do if reliability monitor in action center does not show any activity?

The trick is to navigate to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\RAC and to delete that folder’s contents. If you want to restore your prior data after this clean-up maneuver, you should first make a copy of the PublishedData and StateData sub-folders therein to a safe place somewhere else (I copied mine to another drive). Reboot your PC after you delete the RAC folder contents. If you want to restore the prior data, copy (and replace) the contents of the PublishedData and StateData folders from your safe copy elsewhere to put things back the way they were.

In reading the responses of those afflicted with this situation — namely, one where Reliability Monitor reports no reliability data — I see that this fix doesn’t work for everyone in every situation. But it worked for me on my machine, once I’d upgraded to 8.1 and uninstalled Soluto. If you find yourself in a similar boat, or your users come to you with such a complaint, this solution may very well also work for you. As with so many other Windows fixes, there’s no way to know for sure until you try!

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