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Hmmm...Gartner Gets Behind Windows 8.1 For Business Use

The analysts have never been terribly kind to Windows 8, with the majority of firms maintaining what can only be described as a “safe distance” from Microsoft’s latest desktop offering launched in October 2012. But a new Gartner blog post from in-house analysts Michael A. Silver and Stephen Kleynhans includes a telling snippet that indicates the wind may soon be blowing from a new quarter: “Based on information currently available, we believe Windows 8.1 features could quiet most of its detractors” (it’s entitled “Windows 8.1 Could Become What Windows 8 Should Have Been” and it’s dated 6/19/2013).

As early as May 29, noted Windows guru Paul Thurrott posted screencaps of Windows 8.1 depicting the triumphant return of the Start button to Windows 8.1 (see “In Blue: Start Experience Changes” for the original graphic, and other interesting 8.1 screenshots).


A more familiar look and feel to Windows 8.1, eerily similar to Start8.

Other interesting points from the Gartner piece include:

  1. Windows 8.1 is worth considering for “broader deployment,” especially for those who had been inclined to view Windows 8.0 as a “touch-only” operating system
  2. Businesses can seriously contemplate purchasing new PCs with 8.1 pre-installed as a legitimate way “to adopt a new OS via PC refresh” (a not uncommon tactic in the business world nowadays)
  3. Those who are already planning Windows 8.0 deployments have nothing to lose, and much to gain, by switching over plans and pilots to Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 8.0 (even to the point of switching to the beta upcoming later this month as soon as it becomes available, and deploying the production version of 8.1 when it become available later this year, probably in late October or early November)

News Analysis from the actual report from Silver and Kleynhans is available online (see “Windows 8.1 Could Become What Windows 8.0 Should Have Been” for more detail that the previously-cited Gartner news release). This lengthier piece provides additional details about Windows 8.1 benefits for business users, including references to improved search, tighter integration with SkyDrive, more flexible snap-to-screen layouts for apps and application windows, complete Control Panel coverage in the Modern UI, and minor changes to the Windows 8 desktop “which would ensure high levels of compatibility with legacy Win32 desktop applications.”

All well and good, and perhaps even interesting to business readers. But is it enough to spur consideration or even deployment of Windows 8.1, when many businesses have only recently migrated to Windows 7? Only time will tell!

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