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Holiday 2010 Diversion #1: ARS Technica HTPC Guide

For those of you who don’t already know, I’ve got a bit of an HTPC Jones (that’s “Home Theater PC” BTW). I’ve written a book with audio-video-PC guru and site operator Mike Chin (Build the Ultimate Home Theater PC) and another book about the stellar, Linux-based media PC environment named MythTV with FAQ guru Jared Wilson (Hacking MythTV). So when I found this year’s ARS HTPC Guide: December 2010 I read it over with both anticipation and delight. Not only is ARS Technica a great source for breaking Windows news and rumors, they also offer solid, informative technical content as well (along with partner arm Orbiting HQ).

For those of you readers who might be interested in putting together a state-of-the-art HTPC system for the end of 2010, you’d be hard-pressed to find as useful, cogent, and up-to-date a set of specific hardware and software picks and recommendations as you’ll find in this guide. It offers a slate of various hardware options for CPU, motherboard, memory, the all-important digital TV tuner card, storage, Blu-ray, remote, and so forth, that should let even relative DIY novices acquire and assemble a kick-butt HTPC system for a relatively modest budget (around $1150) and without killing themselves in the process.

While there’s a recommended selection in each category, there are also enough options discussed so that those who may not like (or be able to afford) the first choice in each area will have plenty of other items to ponder. The discussion of the TV Tuner card (an element that can easily make or break your HTPC experience) is right on the money (but expensive: it’s a CableCARD unit that retails for $400). Case, PSU, and remote control discussions are equally helpful.

If your thoughts, plans, or wishes for a home theater system include a PC in the mix, check out this guide. It’s definitely worth a read, or even a spot in your favorites or bookmarks.

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