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Holiday Diversion 3: It Beats "The dog ate my homework!" Stone Cold

In keeping with my wont to look for and report on the lighter side of IT during that fallow period between Christmas and New Year’s here’s a terrific slide show from Entitled “Kroll Ontrack’s Top 10 Data Storage Disasters of 2010.” Like the old Letterman Top 10 Lists, it’s numbered in reverse order and includes the following items:

10. A Square Peg in a Round Hole: a laptop gets fried when the wrong charger gets plugged into its power port
9. Double Data Recovery: A foolproof redundant backup scheme fails when somebody accidentally overwrites data on a set of six drives stored in a fireproof safe
8. Keeping the memories alive: Kroll saves precious memories when they recover the only photos remaining of a now-deceased family member from the wiped drive on a stolen (and recovered) laptop
7. Meat the experts: hard disk meets cured ham but data recovery is a complete success
6. Up in the air: a frequent flyer leaves a laptop in an airport coffee bar; subsequent detonation by the bomb squad prevents any data recovery
5. The flying squash: a woman in a hurry to get to work puts her notebook on top of her car to buckle her child into its car seat; when she backs out of the garage, the laptop flies off the car and she runs over the HD; no recovery possible
4. Laptop kitty disaster: when a young kitten uses a laptop for a litter box, Ontrack recovers the HD contents anyway
3. Fire drop: When running out of his burning apartment to escape a fire, a photographer drops his notebook; Ontrack still manages to score a complete recovery of precious photos for charity work
2. The Ants Go Marching In: After a flood in Europe leaves a PC submerged for over two days, its drive is sent to Ontrack for recovery, where an ant is found clinging to a drive head. The data survives, but the ant is a goner.
1. Laptops underwater: To protect his laptop during a beach visit, a man stashes it inside a plastic bag and takes it swimming with him. The bag leaks, but Ontrack manages to recover the data anyway.

I’m glad I’ve never left a laptop atop my car: I’ve sure sent plenty of cups and bottles flying, though. Nice to know occasional moments of lunacy or thoughtlessness never go completely unnoticed. Here’s a case where 80% of incidents result in recovery of some or all the potentially lost data, albeit at considerable cost. Happy New Year!

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