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HomeGroup Trick Fixes Win10 Public Network Reset

Alas, a recent Win10 update resets network status from Private to Public. In turn, this means RDP access to affected machines stops working. Sure, you can use Network Settings to dig down into your current connection’s status and reset it to Private. But I’ve discovered that a HomeGroup trick fixes Win10 Public Network Reset with a pair of clicks. Simply type Homegroup into Cortana/Search, then when the HomeGroup windows opens, you’ll be prompted to Change network location. (Note: this works only for Windows PCs not served by Active Directory.) Here’s a screencap:

HomeGroup “knows” the network must be Private to work, so it offers to fix the Public setting for you.

How HomeGroup Trick Fixes Win10 Public Network Reset

As the preceding caption explains, HomeGroup understands that sharing resources and devices on a Windows network requires that the network location be set to “Private.” If it sees the network set to “Public” instead, it will happily make the switch for you simply by clicking the “Change network location” link in the window. You don’t really need to join a HomeGroup to make this work, in fact. You can simply click the link to change the network location, then close the HomeGroup window when that change is made.

Next, you’ll be prompted in the Notification center to make your PC discoverable by other PCs and devices. Click Yes to make the change, and your network location will be reset properly. Done!

Click “Yes” and your network location will be reset properly.

The Other Way to Reset Network Location

If the HomeGroup trick isn’t an option, you reset Network Location as follows:
1. Click the network icon in the notification bar.
2. Click “Network & Internet settings” at the bottom of the pop-up network menu that appears.
3. Click “Change Connection Properties” under the Network Status heading.
4. Click the radio button for “Private” under the Network Profile heading.
Done! And now you see why I like my “trick” — there are less clicks involved in using HomeGroup instead.