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ISOs Available for Win10 Build 9879

As of Monday, MS has made ISOs available for the latest Windows 10 build, 9879 — and apparently, the final complete build for 2014. Grab it from this Windows Insider Program Web page entitled “Download Windows Technical Preview November Update.” A variety of versions is available, including 32 and 64 bit builds for English (US and UK), Simplified Chinese, and Portugese (Brazil). Download servers are reasonably snappy, too: I was able to glom onto the x64 English (US) version in just over 4 minutes, averaging download speeds of 20-50 MBps.


MS even provides helpful instructions for turning the ISO into a bootable installer on a UFD.

If you’ve been holding off on testing Windows 10 Technical Preview because of the hassle involved in downloading and updating through the series of TP builds released so far, you can use this ISO for a clean install to bare metal (or to overwrite an existing install with this one). It’s definitely worth playing with and getting to know. Even though 9879 is somewhat less stable that earlier builds have shown themselves to be, Windows 10 is also showing itself to be an interesting and appealing Windows version, far more so than Windows 8 ever did.

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