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In Wake of Computex, First Surface Pro 2 Hints Start Circulating

OK, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that MS has to do something to boost Surface Pro battery life, not only to establish parity with other emerging Windows 8 tablets, but also to help level the playing field with ARM-based Apple and Android tablets, too. That’s what makes this morning’s iTechPost story “Microsoft Surface Pro 2: Top features Intel’s new Haswell processor brings to the table” particularly interesting.


A peek inside the Surface Pro from the 2/13/2013 LifeOnMyMobile story “Take a Look at the Microsoft Surface Pro from the Inside” (photos from the iFixIt teardown).

Here are some of the items from that story, prompted no doubt by some opening Haswell shots in what should become a fusillade at Computex in Taipei this week:

  • The Verge gets attribution for the claim that “…the Haswell processor is expected to boost battery life by an extra three hours.” That takes the normal range from 4-5 hours and extends it to 7-8 hours, nearly enough for a day’s worth of untethered computing. That’s certainly getting closer to what most professional users want — including me.
  • Haswell chips are smaller than their predecessors which iTechPost says “…could mean we’ll be seeing an array of even thinner tablets,” while also observing that thinner probably also means smaller batteries, invoking a by-now classic engineering trade-off.
  • Increased processing power should bring more oomph to Haswell graphics, and faster boot times for Haswell-based tablets.

What I’m really curious about is if MS will take the plunge into a removable battery, so users can elect to purchase extras and carry them around to extend battery life beyond whatever limits the combination of form factor, battery size, and power consumption the new Haswell-based units will afford. I’d also love to get some reliable information on when the next generation of Surface Pro units is likely to ship, so I can start saving my pennies and planning to buy one. Some publications, such as TechThirsty, speculate that the next-gen Surface Pro release may be tied to the upcoming Windows 8.1 release. If so, that means it may be available around the end of October 2013. On the other hand, TechRadar speculates that the Surface 2 could be released as early as June at Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference. TechRadar’s story also presents some interesting snippets form a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session that includes disclosures that the next Surface Pro will support an interface to accommodate an external battery link up (via the current “accessory spine” jack used to accommodate a snap-on keyboard at present), and some suggestion that the next edition will be better at accommodating external screens at various (and different) display resolutions.

Very interesting. I’m not at all sure that my “wish list” from November, 2012, will be satisfied in one go from MS with the Surface Pro 2. Nevertheless, it sounds like the next version should tick off a few checkmarks in some categories, and make significant progress in others. I’m hopeful that as we learn more about what’s coming, we’ll also like what emerges even more than what’s shaping up from the current crop of rumors, speculations, and educated guesses.

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