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In Windows 10 Fix-Its MIA

Anybody who’s been around Windows for a while will recognize the icon for Micosoft Fix It items. AFAIK, it’s the company’s equivalent to Mr. Goodwrench. It shows a faceless person wearing overalls holding a great big open-ended socket wrench. But alas in Windows 10 Fix-Its MIA is the best way to describe their status. So I did a little poking around and found something very interesting.

Though Mr. Fix-It may lack facial features, he often brings relief to Windows users.

Why are Windows 10 Fix-Its MIA?

It seems that Microsoft is not going to support fix-it tools for Windows 10. As the company says in a support note entitled “Use a fix-it tool with Windows 10”

Fix-it tools aren’t around anymore in Windows 10. Instead, use a troubleshooter to help solve problems with your PC.

Here’s what I’m guessing this means, reading between the lines. Given the rapid update cadence for Windows 10, MS doesn’t believe it needs to build separate troubleshooting tools any more. Instead (I imagine) the company will either tweak existing troubleshooters or add new ones to the OS, possibly as part of its monthly Cumulative Updates. If not then, such things should come for sure as part of its twice-yearly “feature updates.” This new terminology reflects those less-frequent updates — like the recent “Anniversary Update” — that are significant enough to invoke the Windows installer for a full-blown OS upgrade.

On the other hand, it will be interesting to watch future updates and fixes from MS. Could this policy of “no more Fix-it tools” be changed? Maybe, maybe not. Only if a problem whose fix requires an automated tool AND no troubleshooter pops up in response could I see the return of Mr. Fix-It to the scene. Microsoft says “ain’t gonna happen.” We’ll see!