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Insider Preview Gets Flight Hub

When I worked at Novell back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, an interesting rumor circulated there. Then-VP of Marketing Craig Burton was reported to say: “The nice thing about networking standards is that there are so many to choose from.” As true today as it was back then, the same thing is true for Windows 10 Insider Preview releases. These can come thick and fast at times. One memorable week I can remember seeing three “flights” (the prevailing MS term for an IP release) in quick succession. Now, thanks to efforts from Senior Program Manager Brandon LeBlanc there’s a new website out to track such things. That’s why the title to this blog post reads: Insider Preview Gets Flight Hub. Here’s a snapshot of the kind of data it offers for the latest set of such releases which show there as RS4:

Insider Preview Gets Flight Hub

There are many possible elements in any Insider Preview release. This table tracks ’em all.
[Click image to see full-sized view.]

When Insider Preview Gets Flight Hub, What Flights Might Appear?

The legend at the top of the table is worth explaining if only briefly. Let’s do that from left to right, with the understanding that a build number always appears in the left-most column, and dates in the other table cells:

  • Build: links to the Windows 10 blog that announces the build by its build number.
  • Fast: If present, indicates the release date for the build to the fast ring.
  • Slow: If present, indicates the release date for the build to the slow ring.
  • Server: If present, indicates the release date for a corresponding server build to Insiders; links to the announcement blog post.
  • IoT: If present, indicates the release date for a Windows 10 IOT Core Insider preview release; links to a download page where editions may be found by build number.
  • ISO: If present, indicates the release date for various Windows 10 ISOs, with a link to the Insider Preview download page wherefrom any of a number possible ISOs are available. Build 17025 for example has Win10 Pro, Enterprise, and Home China sub-links.
  • SDK: If present, indicates the release date for a Win10 SDK (Software Developer’s Kit) Preview, with links to the announcement blog post for same (and includes a download link as well).

Two more things. One, this is usually a sparse matrix where more cells are empty than are occupied. Two, the airplane symbol for latest release always appears to the right of the most current build in any column. This is a handy tool, so you’ll want to visit the Flight Hub for yourself if you’re involved in Insider Preview activity. Enjoy!

[Thanks to WinAero/Sergey Tkachenko and Arif Bacchus at for bringing this gem to my attention.]

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