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Interesting For-a-Fee Windows Internals Webinar November 28-30, 2011

For those who don’t already know, David Solomon has been an author on an immortal classic book on Windows internals since its first edition came out way back in 1997. The book is now entitled Windows Internals, appropriately enough, and in its Fifth Edition, though this same tome appeared in its first two editions as Inside Windows NT in the 1990s.

As it happens, Mr. Solomon also runs an organization called “David Solomon Expert Seminars” that offers both online, Webinar-oriented training as well as instructor-led classroom training. For those for whom the book isn’t enough, in fact, his company offers 5-day seminars on Windows OS Internals and Windows Troubleshooting and debugging at some pretty princely prices ($2,999 if booked four or more weeks in advance; $3,499 if booked less than four weeks in advance).

Listing from Solomon Expert Seminar Site

Listing from Solomon Expert Seminar Site

More interesting to me (and probably to readers of this blog) is a two-day Webinar entitled 2 day Windows Internals with Sysinternals which goes for a mere $399 (if booked four weeks or more in advance, $499 if less than four weeks). Using the well-known Sysinternals Process Explorer, Process Monitor, and Autoruns tools (all favorites of mine, and many other experienced Windows systems administrators), admins will learn how to dive into threads, processes, and job data structures, dig into memory management mechanisms, and explore crash dumps at a fairly deep level of detail.

This is a pretty good deal for those looking to learn to do more with Windows Internals, and to get a crash course on the real and extensive capabilities of the Sysinternals OS utilities. For those looking to do something interesting, valuable and informative for the often fallow period from Thanksgiving through New Year’s it’s a pretty good way to end the year on a high note. Highly recommended, in fact!

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