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Interesting OOB Windows 10 Update Poses Questions, Problems

Just when I thought I’d seen just about everything Microsoft could do with Windows updates, the company pulled a fascinating rabbit out of its hat. I’m talking about KB3136562, a purportedly Cumulative Update to Windows 10 that bumps the build number from 10586.71 to 10586.79 but that shows up in Update History only as “Update for Windows (KB3136562). Here’s what’s interesting about this item:

  • It is not yet available through normal Windows Update automatic download
  • It requires manual download and installation, via the Windows Update Standalone Installer (x86 download/x64 download). This explains why those files end with the .msu file extension.
  • There’s been no official word from MS about this update just yet, though numerous sources have provided coverage, including my personal fave and reddit.
  • Most everyone who’s tried this update has reported successful installation, and it’s succeeded on 2 of the three systems I’ve tried it out on. It took some digging, but found the 0x80070BC9 error code for both failed install attempts on the affected machine.

At first, I believed that the affected machine’s use of the [en-GB] (British English) language pack, instead of [en-US] (American English) might have been at fault, but a question and reply sequence to fellow community members at TenForums disabused me of that notion. Now, I’m just scratching my head to figure out why it worked on most of my targeted PCs, but not on one of them. I’ll keep working it, of course, but such mysteries are what make working with Windows both extremely interesting and occasionally frustrating as well.

When the update installs, here’s the latest resulting WinVer output.

The big questions about KB3136562 can be stated as follows:
1. Why hasn’t MS released it through normal Windows Update channels?
2. Why is there no document page for KB3136562? (A search at turns up zilch right now).
3. Why are the manual downloads available with no MS fanfare nor explanation?

If, like me, you’re incurably curious and just want to see what KB3136562 does, go ahead and use the download links provided in the bulleted list above. I’d suggest installing it only on a test machine, however, as it’s by no means a given that this update will ever be released through formal channels. Have fun!