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Interesting Win8.* Results for Endpoint Security Suites from AV-Test

The latest results from AV-Test, an independent anti-malware and security software testing group based in Magdeburg, Germany, are out. In particular, results for what the site calls “Corporate Solutions” for Windows 8 versions — namely endpoint and client security software from big well-known vendors such as Bitdefender, F-Secure, Kaspersky, McAfee (Intel), Symantec, and others — should be of interest to readers of this blog. The latest chart from AV-Test sums things up pretty nicely:


The Jan 2014 test results for corporate Windows 8 solutions from AV-Test report on metrics for 8 different offerings. (Click image or link to see larger version)

I was a little disappointed to see my long-time favorite, Symantec Endpoint Protection (which comes of its Norton lineage), get dinged for less-than-stellar performance (a long-time beef against the company’s offerings, but one which they beat back for Windows 7 versions). The leaders in this round of testing are Bitdefender and Tend Micro Office Scan, with Kaspersky Endpoint Security not too far behind.

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