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Interesting Windows Crossover Points

In a recent ZDNet blog entitled “It’s official: Windows 7 is a hit, and XP is finally in decline” Windowsmeister extraordinaire Ed Bott shares some interesting insights, and one very slick chart, as he explains the analysis that led him to the title for his piece.

Win 7 Goes up, XP down, and Vista more so

Win 7 Goes up, XP down, and Vista more so

The “visitors” in the title for the chart indicates that Bott analyzed the OS that visitors to the ZDnet Website were running, and that these visits provided the data upon which the charts are based. What I find interesting here is that Vista and XP are both in decline over the entire period of record, and that Vista stays consistently below XP by 15 to 20 percent or so. Talk about visual proof that Vista never lived up to its hype: there it is, burnt orange (XP) and maroon red (Vista).

The other interesting item is that the lines for XP and Windows 7 reached the crossover point between April and August of 2010. While this doesn’t reflect the facts as we know them in enterprise organizations, where 70-75 percent of all machines still run XP, it does indicate that for a broader cross-section of the Internet roughly as many people are running Windows 7 as are running XP, if not slightly more. And as time goes by that balance will continue to shift. Should be interesting to watch!

Thanks for another great and useful piece of reporting, Ed. It certainly gives us all lots of interesting points to chew on. Makes me think that by now having (finally) upgraded all of my PCs to Windows 7 (all 10 of ’em), I may not be as far out on the lunatic fringe as I thought!

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