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Is Windows 8 Coming Sooner Than We Thought?

Analysts attribute Microsoft’s desire to cash in on the tablet/touchscreen device boom currently underway in the computing and telecomm industries right now to a possible speed-up in the release schedule for Windows 8 now widely speculated (for example, see’s 4/4/2011 story “Brace yourself: Windows 8 is coming soon“). The cause for the raft of Windows 8 rumors now swirling around in cyberspace is a series of screenshots taken from a private test beta test release of Windows 8 leaked on the Website over the weekend. The site is now closed down, so that even though Google still lists (and caches) pages for the site, you can’t actually access the “real thing” right now.

The blue BSOD screen in earlier Windows versions gives way to a black screen in Win8

The blue BSOD screen in earlier Windows versions gives way to a black screen in Win8

Before this takedown occurred, however, grabbed a few tantalizing screenshots from, as did the CNNMoney page cited in the preceding paragraph and inserted into this blog as well.

It’s going to be really interesting to see if MS will mount a major offensive to get Windows 8 out the door in time for 2011 holiday buying season, which begins in earnest in November of the year. Frankly, I’ll be suprised if they can pull if off, but the whole tablet and smartphone market opportunity given them lots of reasons to go for the gold as it were. But only time will tell: Microsoft, as usual, won’t comment on the record about software still in early stages of development.

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