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John Savill Offers Nifty Win8 Cheat Sheet

John Savill has been a player in the Windows world since the late 1990s, when his Windows NT FAQ became a go-to resource for IT professionals looking for Windows NT tips, tricks, and details that was both accurate and reliable. He’s continued to play a positive role in that world ever since, as a Microsoft MVP and a regular contributor to Windows publications and Websites of all kinds. These days, he works for Microsoft as a virtualization expert (his most recent book Microsoft Virtualization Secrets, provides lots of great info about Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V v3, and a panoply of uses for MS virtualization technologies). When he’s not busy doing his job, he’s still digging into new MS technologies, and building better tools to help ordinary users be productive. His Windows 8 Cheat Sheet for Keyboard and Touch compiled recently for Windows IT Pro, makes a great case in point:

Visit the original to grab the full-size version for printing and distribution.

Visit the original to grab the full-size version for printing and distribution.

Two weeks ago, my eight-year-old son begged me to update his Acer 5222 notebook from Windows 7 to Windows 8, so we performed the upgrade together. He dived right in, and has been surfing the web, playing games, and fooling around happily with the system ever since. I handed him a print-out of this cheat sheet yesterday, upon which he asked me “Why didn’t you give this to me sooner?” Fortunately, I had a good answer: the cheat sheet didn’t post until 1/13/2013 (yesterday), so I couldn’t have given it to him any sooner, even if I’d wanted to! This is a nice little helper that any Windows 8 newbie will find useful.

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