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KB4032188 Causes Win10 Confusion

Microsoft released a new Current Branch cumulate update earlier today. Alas, the update known as KB4032188 causes Win10 confusion — at least, on one of my PCs. After the mandatory restart to fully install it, I found myself in the vexing position of being unable to login. On one PC, the update apparently knocked out access to both mouse and keyboard (which speaks to a potential USB driver gotcha). It’s impossible to login to Windows if you can’t key in a PIN or password, nor use the mouse to do likewise with an on-screen keyboard equivalent. Sigh.

When you see the login screen but can’t use a mouse or keyboard, then what? Think fast!

When KB4032188 Causes Win10 Confusion, What to Do?

I keep a small bin full of USB flash drives on my desk. It numbers the Macrium Rescue Media, Kyhi’s Bootable PE Rescue Disk, and an installable UFD with Windows 10 Pro 15063 among its contents. First, I booted up using the Macrium item to roll back to last night’s image capture. No dice: the boot issue continued unabated. Second, I booted into Macrium again, and ran its Windows boot repair utility. Again: no dice. Finally, I used the Win10 15063 UFD to perform an in-place upgrade/repair install (I did manage to get Win10 to boot to make this happen) to rewrite my Windows files. That almost did the trick, though some post-(re)install cleanup also proved necessary…

Where Did Those &*(% Drivers Go?

Following the repair install, the machine booted just fine. I was (mostly) back in business. Upon closer inspection, I observed that my Intel I211 GbE NIC had gone south. So I switched to my handy Startech USB 3.0 to GbE dongle to regain network access immediately, then uninstalled the wonky driver in Device Manager. A quick “Scan for hardware changes” later, and MS automatically downloaded a working driver for that NIC without difficulty or demur. Although I’m not using the 2nd NIC on my mobo (an Intel I219-V) the same maneuver worked to restore its driver to working when I switched my RJ-45 cable from one built-in NIC to the other.

One problem I couldn’t solve quickly, and don’t want to troubleshoot to completion, is that my Asrock Extreme7+ motherboard has stopped recognizing 4TB drives. They worked on it before, and still work just fine on my Asrock Z97 Fatal1ty gaming board. Thus, I’ve still got some lingering device issues there. I plan to perform a clean install of Win10 Pro on the production machine later this month, after I come back from a road trip to Fairfax County next week. I’ll perform a manual disk partition to put the recovery partition at the end of the drive where it rightfully belongs, using SysPrep to create a custom Windows image for regular re-use. I just don’t want to take the time to figure out what’s up with the big drives right now.

And so it goes, here in Windows world. I’m back to work, updates are applied, and nearly everything is working like it should be. But there are always more updates a’comin’ and more gotchas inevitably along with them. Stay tuned as I recite my adventures and contortions in dealing with them…