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KB4057291 Fixes Win10 AMD GPU Issues

Life has been rough for owners of PCs running (slightly) vintage AMD graphics cards. When used along with the Fall Creators Update, those with Radeon HD 2000, 3000 or 4000 graphic cards have troubles. They recently received AMD driver version through Windows Update. Normally, that’s a good thing. But this time, users found themselves unable to use favorite screen resolutions, or facing a black screen instead of a GUI interface. Released on 12/19/2017, KB4057291 fixes Win10 AMD GPU issues like these, and lets users return to life and work. This item should be readily available to those affected through Windows Update. It may also be downloaded from the Microsoft Update Catalog and installed manually.

This update is available through WU or, as shown here, from the Update Catalog.
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When KB4057291 Fixes Win10 AMD GPU Issues, What Happens?

The workaround discovered while others were sussing out this problem and learning how to cope illuminates MS’ own solution. Savvy hardware troubleshooters quickly figured out that rolling back to older driver versions would restore normal operations. Alas, MS would then erroneously detect the driver as out-of-date, unless users instructed WU not to download drivers. (Available using the “Exclude drivers from quality updates” policy option in the Group Policy editor.) Unless overridden, WU overwrites the fix with the wrong update again, and puts users back to square one.

Needless to say, this situation needed an immediate fix. Hence, the out-of-cycle release in which KB4057291 fixes Win10 AMD GPU issues, as now explained. The new KB provides updated intelligence regarding AMD graphics cards, so that systems with older cards don’t download and try to use a newer driver that doesn’t work properly (or provide the expected screen resolutions). Multi-monitor support issues are also fixed, according to