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LapLink PC Mover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant

Although Microsoft does not support an explicit migration path from Windows XP to Windows 7, longtime migration toolsmith Laplink Software, Inc. does offer some interesting options for its PCmover product in this regard. The most interesting and affordable of these is its PCMover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant product: for a mere $19.95 you get a one-shot move tool that will not only transport your accounts, settings, and preferences from the old OS to the new one on the same PC (as Windows 7 itself also will, thanks to its Windows Easy Transfer utility), but will also migrate most applications from XP to Windows 7 that run under both operating systems.

For those who wish to move from an older PC to a newer one as part of their migration, more advanced Laplink products will be necessary. PCmover Home will handle that task across a network link for $39.95; PCmover Pro includes a USB transfer cable and adds support for domain logins and other workplace-centric features for $59.95. For organizations considering large-scale migrations, Laplink also offers PCmoverEnterprise, which includes its own configurable migration wizard, your choice of various install mechanisms (USB drive, other portable storage, network drive), pre-activate licensing, and post-migration reporting. Pricing varies by quantity: Laplink charges $42 per seat for 10-pack PCMover Professional licenses which sets an upper per seat bound, and mentions on its pricing page that the Enterprise version is available for “as little as USD $10 per license” and thereby sets the lower per seat bound as well.

For a great description and analysis of this product set, check out  RJ Dudley’s review “Laplink PC Mover Upgrade Assistant: Almost Perfect.” Note also that he was unable to migrate his Visual Studio 2008 license from XP to Windows 7 using this tool. That makes it one of the few programs I’ve heard of so far that doesn’t make the transition as it probably should.

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