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Last Chance for El-Cheapo Win8 Upgrade

At midnight, Wednesday, January 31, the Microsoft budget upgrade offer for Windows 8 expires. I just jumped up to the Windows 8 Upgrade Offer page, and learned that those promo codes Microsoft has been sending me via e-mail (thanks to my various Windows Live accounts) bring the price down from an already-awesome $39.99 to an even more stellar $14.99, if entered into the promo code field during the “pay for it before you get a key” phase of the ordering process.

Act fast, because the "deal" is off starting on February 2 (this Thursday).

Act fast, because the “deal” is off starting on February 2 (this Thursday).

 If you don’t want to install the OS any time soon, you can quit the process as soon as you’ve paid for your new license and you get a key for a Windows 8 install. You can always grab the ISO file from other sources later on: as long as your key is good you can wait until you’re ready to install, well after the January 31 deadline comes and goes. In my case, I’ve already built a couple of bootable UFDs with x64 Windows 8 Pro install images — one for UEFI machines, the other for machines with conventional BIOSes. I’ve used them before for numerous Win8 installs, and I’ll use them again with my bargain basement keys.

And again: if you do have a promotional code for Windows 8, it takes the already low $39.99 cost down to an irresistible $14.99. But you must grab your key before midnight Wednesday to take advantage of this pricing. Don’t delay: do it now!!!

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