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Latest Surface Pro 3 Firmware Update Includes an "Oops!"

On January 19, Microsoft released a System Firmware Update for the Surface Pro 3 that included an item related to Pen settings for the Surface Pro 4 Pen. In the wake of numerous subsequent reports of crashes and blue screens resulting from this item, MS has removed it from that firmware update (details appear under a “January 2016” heading on the Surface Pro 3 update history page). Alas, however, many people — including yours truly — had already updated their firmware with the original package that included the now-missing Surface Pro 4 Pen settings element.

Here’s how you can tell if your Surface Pro 3 is affected. In Device Manager, open the Human Interface Device entry, and check the version number for the driver associated with the Surface Pen Settings element. If your driver version is numbered 10.0.302.0, dated 10/22/2015, you’ve got the version associated with the Surface Pro 4 Pen installed; the most up-to-date version for the Surface Pro 3 Pen Settings is actually numbered, dated 3/20/2015.

The easiest fix for this potential gotcha is to simply click the “Roll Back Driver” button in the Surface Pen Settings Properties window on the Driver tab. This will automatically de-activate the 10.0.302.0 driver, and re-activate the driver that preceded its installation. I followed a set of instructions from Liam Tung at ZDnet that had me uninstall the 10.0.302.0 driver, then restart the Surface Pro 3, which was supposed to automatically re-install the driver by itself. Instead, I wound up with an Unknown Device in Device manager, which I was able to fix by pointing its Update Driver function at my local copy of the driver already resident in my DriverStore folder.

I have to believe that the rollback fix is easier than digging into device designations (it took a while) to find the right one for the Surface Pen Settings item. But, all’s well that ends well, and now my Surface Pro 3 is humming happily along with no signs of crashes or blue screens in sight. Just another day in Windows-World, eh?

OK, now that’s more like it: proper driver now replaces improper SP4-only version.