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Lots More Goodies at the MS Download Center

I was expecting more stuff to hit the MS Download center in the wake of the Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2 release last Thursday (10/22/2009) and boy, was I right. Check out the “new items” page for a complete listing. I’m only going to toss out some highlights that reflect my own recent download activity, and/or topics I believe will be of interest to enterprise Windows desktop administrators. Here goes:

  • Security Compliance Management Toolkit: provides a pretty complete (MS calls it an “end-to-end  solution”) package for those who need to plan, deploy, and monitor security baselines for Windows machines and 2007 office applications, including support for Win7, BitLocker Drive Encryption, and IE 8.
  • Debug Diagnostic Tool v1.1 plus related “How-to“: a tool designed to help troubleshoot system hangs, slow performance, memory leaks and fragmentation, or crashes in 32-bit (Win32) user-mode processes — applications and system utilities, in other words. Could be quite useful.
  • Virtualization Overview, Methods, and Models: covers various approaches to planning virtualization within an organization, including Windows Server 2003 and 2008, plus Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

There are also over a hundred updates dated 10/26 and 10/27 for all kinds of platforms and servers in the new downloads section as well. If you also manage updates, you’re probably already aware of these. If not, you may want to take a look just to see what’s available.


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