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MS Cuts Win10 OS Rollback to 10 Days

There’s an interesting and unexpected change in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607). In earlier Windows OSes (8 and 8.1) users had 30 days to decide if they liked the new OS. If they didn’t, they could roll back to the previous release. This is where restoring Windows.old comes into play. But with Version 1607, Microsoft cut the Win10 OS rollback window to 10 days. Here’s a screencap from one of my Insider Preview machines that got this update awhile back:

Oops! Just when you need a rollback, the old OS image is gone…

If you ask me, this is somewhat sneaky of Microsoft. According to Sergey Tkachenko at, MS says the change comes from observation of Win10 telemetry. Sergey reports “…they saw that most users would either rollback Windows 10 on their machines within the first couple of days or there were those who stayed with the new OS indefinitely. Which means Microsoft claims there were hardly any users who rolled back after more than 10 days.” OK, I get where they’re coming from. But for those who know about the old default, it’s underhanded to cut it without trumpeting that change.

News on the Win10 OS Rollback Is Covert

I can’t find any official word on this from Microsoft. In tracing the story, I found a piece at that quotes Richard Hay at But there’s nothing about this in Microsoft changelogs or other information about the Anniversary Update. I’m sure this is unintentional, but I want to spread the word to make doubly darn sure nobody gets caught short. Consider yourself warned!

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