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MS Gives Fall Creators Update 1709 Label

Eagle-eyed Windows watchers report that a June 30 blog post makes definitive mention of the next Windows 10 version. This morning, drew on a tweet from infamous Windows rumor-meister Wzor. He quotes from this Mobile Device Management document from the Windows IT Center: “Policy DDF File.” In that document, MS gives Fall Creators Update 1709 label, as shown here:

The last line in this snippet from the Policy DDF File document shows the next Windows 10 label — and projected release date.
[Click image for full-size view, if that last line is too tiny to decipher.]

What It Means When MS Gives Fall Creators Update 1709 Label

For Windows 10, its four-digit nomenclature may be decoded as follows: yymm, where yy is a two-digit number for the year, and mm is a two-digit number for the month. Thus, 1709 means September (the 9th month) of 2017. This tells us when Microsoft is planning to peg the official release date of the next big Windows 10 release. Remember, though, that the first Creators Update, labeled 1703 (March 2017) didn’t go public until April, so this is more of promise than an ironclad guarantee.

Now that the word is out, after a fashion, I expect we’ll start seeing many more mentions of the 1709 label. The pace of Insider Preview releases has been somewhat leisurely of late (3 in June), so it’s not unreasonable to expect that pace to pick up soon. The two most recent releases, 16226 (6/21) and 16232 (6/28) have introduced lots of new features and functions to Windows 10. Going forward, I expect those introductions to keep coming, and the frequency of releases to spike as well. There’s still lots of work to do to make Windows 10 ready for an official 1709 release, with less than two months to go before the clock runs out. Stay tuned, and I’ll report back as and when the next release date firms up further.