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MS to Drop ISOs and Updates for Win10 January Preview Together

Previous releases of the Windows 10 Technical Preview have come via a special online update through PC Settings. Only two weeks after Build 9879 was released did MS provide ISOs to permit clean installs (or bare metal builds). Next time around, says Engineering General Manager Gabe Aul, MS will make ISOs available through MSDN and TechNet at the same time it pushes the update out to self-selected “Fast Ring” members of the Windows Insider group. Here’s a screencap of a Twitter exchange, courtesy of, that makes this promise:


Visual evidence that ISOs will be available from the get-go for the “Customer Preview” analog for Win10.

This is a welcome departure from previous practice, and will make it much easier for those jumping into Windows 10 for the first time, especially if they plan to install on multiple test rigs at the same time. The timing of the upcoming release is still in the air, though many interested observers assume it will happen on January 21, the same day that Microsoft has set aside for its next public Windows 10 event, or shortly thereafter (as was the case with the initial Technical Preview event last September).

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 Good info

Glad you think so. I wish MS had been doing this since day one.